Human Rights Policy

Scope and Commitment

FreeOfficeFinder is dedicated to upholding human rights as a core business principle which is vital in our interactions with stakeholders.

Our aim is to positively contribute to the communities where we operate, aligning with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1998, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

This policy covers all FreeOfficeFinder’s operations and locations.

Policy Overview

Respect and Impact Mitigation

FreeOfficeFinder pledges to respect the rights of all individuals who are affected by our operations, and we actively work to prevent and mitigate negative human rights consequences.

Anti-Slavery and Labour Practices

We firmly stand against slavery, forced and child labour and human trafficking. We ensure voluntary employment and will not hire individuals under the age of 16.

Community Engagement

FreeOfficeFinder is committed to engaging with the local community to incorporate their perspectives into our business decisions.

Freedom of Association

Employees have the right to join unions without fear. FreeOfficeFinder engages in open dialogue with legally recognised unions.

Diversity and Inclusion

To embrace diversity FreeOfficeFinder ensures a welcoming and discrimination-free workplace alongside equal opportunities. Inappropriate behaviour and harassment are prohibited.

3rd Party Engagement

FreeOfficeFinder will cease business with any company found to be involved in practices contrary to our values.

Reporting and Compliance

Internal Reporting

FreeOfficeFinder employees should report policy violations to the manager or HR department.

Disciplinary Actions

Violations by FreeOfficeFinder employees will be addressed according to the company’s disciplinary procedure, which could potentially lead to dismissal.

3rd Party Consequences

FreeOfficeFinder will terminate our agreements with 3rd parties who violate this policy.

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