Serviced Office Space Pricing

Struggling to understand the average prices for serviced office space for rent in London and the UK? Our pricing tool is here to help you. In the default view, you can see the average cost per workstation/desk across the country. You can also enter the total number of desks needed to see the estimated full rental cost of the office. The larger the office you rent, (higher number of workstations you occupy), the lower the workstation rate that will normally apply. We list prices for the most searched areas in the UK which includes major cities and towns.

Private office rates

Desk rates for private office space is calculated from over 2000 Serviced offices we market. We use a typical number of 5 business centres to get an average desk rate. The rate per desk is for a private office with an average of 3 desks. Rates can vary based on supply and demand. The rate per desk that you can expect to pay for a 50/100 desk office would typically be more economical than an office of 3 desks. You can read more about private offices here.

How has Covid-19 affected UK Office Rental Rates?

Despite the pandemic, office prices have remained fairly steady in the serviced office industry. Many providers have chosen to offer incentives such as discounted/rent-free periods for a set amount of time instead of reducing general rates for an ongoing basis. The industry is also seeing many companies who would have taken a leased office now look to take serviced office, due to the now imperative flexible terms needed, so the occupancy has remained stable for many business centres. Prices for coworking has seen an increase in some areas due to the amount of space a co-worker needs for social distancing.

Updating Prices

We update pricing data quarterly, giving you the latest insight into pricing across the different UK areas. The areas we display are for the most searched areas on our website.

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