Historical Pricing for Serviced Offices

Our historical pricing tool is the first tool of its type to allow users create their own custom graph to illustrate how prices of serviced office rentals have performed in recent years. Pricing does vary from area to area and can follow a similar pattern to residential property, however additional factors such as supply/demand and quality of space can also play an influence.

How to use the pricing graph
Step 1 – Choose areas

You can select up to 5 different areas to compare their data. You can choose individual areas in London i.e., Mayfair and Harrow or you can choose major town and cities. There is a limit of 5 areas at a time to prevent the graph from being too busy.

Step 2 – Select time period

You can view data ranging back over 5 years until the present time for the areas that you have selected in step 1.

Step 3 – Choose workspace type

You can compare either or both private serviced offices and/or coworking space for the area/time period selected above.

Once you have selected your criteria, click ‘generate graph’ to see the results.

The graph provides the date range at the bottom and pricing metrics down the left-hand side. The actual pricing for each is displayed in a different colour line to help you to distinguish data for each particular area.

Hover over each line to see the actual prices along for different times withing the to and from dates you chose. Data for private serviced offices is displayed in a straight line whereas it’s presented in a dotted line for coworking desks.

The ‘edit’ button above the graph allows you to re-edit the graph should you want to amend any of the criteria i.e., swap out an area or change the time period of the data. The tool is free so there is no limit to the amount of time or data you choose to view.

The tool also allows you to create your own URL which will store the data you have chosen. You can then link to that data for research or any other purpose for the data illustration you need.

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