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1. What is Free Office Finder?

Free Office Finder is an independent office search facility that assists companies and organisations of all sizes to find office space to rent in London and the UK. We own a database of 1000s of offices in 100s of London and UK locations providing a free one-stop-shop solution allowing clients to find, view and take office space that suits their needs. You can read more about our history in our company profile page and the service we provide on our about us page.

2. Are you really a free service?

For tenants looking for office space, our service is 100% free from start to finish. We are able to offer this service because of the unique way we are funded by the office providers.

3. How can you help me in my office search?

You can either search our website to find offices, instruct us to locate office spaces for you or call us on 02038197020. One of our trained advisors will then consult with you over the office space you require and advise on suitable rental options, inform you of relevant pricing and provide you with an interactive search report to view details and even arrange appointments on your behalf.

4. Will my office rental rates be more expensive if I use Free Office Finder?

The rates that the Business Centres and other offices to rent offer through Free Office Finder are the same as they would be if you contacted them directly. Free Office Finder has a pre-agreed fee with the office providers because without us, they would be forced to spend more money on marketing and advertising. We have formed strong relationships with all our office providers and due to the amount of business we refer; many of our clients receive preferential terms such as free rental periods or use of certain facilities in the Business Centre. A lot of clients who go direct are not offered the same benefits.

5. Why are there no prices of offices on your website?

With so many properties offering so many different office rental possibilities, it would be misleading of us to print prices that can become out of date as quickly as they are added. On contacting Free Office Finder, we can provide you with pricing information for suitable office space.

6. What are serviced offices?

Serviced Offices (also known as Business Centres, Executive Suites or Furnished Offices) offer an immediate solution to all your office space needs. Not only do Serviced Offices come fully furnished, but usually they will provide the tenant with telecom/internet connections and secretarial facilities, providing everything you need to get your business up and running right away. Serviced Offices allow you to focus solely on your business, eliminating all the tiresome responsibilities that would usually come with trying to rent office space in London. Business Centres can also put an end to inflexible and expensive leases, as you rent the office space on a month-to-month, quarterly or annually basis as desired. The monthly licence fee usually consists of a single payment that covers everything from office cleaning to electricity and Internet charges. You can read more about the benefits of Serviced Offices on our about Serviced Offices page.

7. Are serviced offices more expensive than leasing a conventional commercial property?

Many businesses would save a lot of time and money if they were to use Serviced Offices in our London and UK locations. Depending on the size of the company and specification required, offices have been known to cost anything from £5000 - £100,000 to set up with the correct infrastructure. In addition, the time and money lost in managing a traditional office is also overlooked and can cause a business many problems along the way. With a Serviced Office, all of this cost and hassle is usually saved, making it a more viable option for businesses.

8. Can I furnish a serviced office space with my own furniture and IT systems

Strictly speaking, a Serviced Office provides you with a readymade furnished and equipped solution; however for clients requiring large amounts of space, the requirement for unfurnished space can sometimes be fulfilled. Please contact us to find out which of our Business Centres can offer this solution the size you require.

9. Will my details ever be given or sold to any other company?

Client information is never given or sold to any third party and is kept strictly for the use of Free Office Finder. Unless you have specified otherwise, and in order to ensure that we don't waste your time showing unsuitable offices, we consult with the office providers using the basic details of your office search in order for them to update us with suitable office space. The availability of which can change on a daily basis. Please contact us if you have any preferences in how we handle your information.

10. What should I expect to happen after I have contacted you about my commercial property needs?

We can discuss your office space requirements with you, assess your needs, identify the most suitable options and then present you with a selection of offices to rent. Should you have an urgent requirement and want to arrange to view offices immediately, we can also arrange those for you. Free Office Finder has 1000s of offices to rent in London and the UK, and our consultants have in depth knowledge of these properties. It is nearly impossible for a new client to fully understand the most suitable options from behind the computer, so it is advisable to permit a consultant at Free Office Finder to advise and handpick the most suitable offices for you to go out and view. This will allow you to gain a firsthand experience of the offices, their prices and offerings. Due to the amount of business we refer to the office providers, many of our clients are offered preferential terms including free rental periods. See our about us page to read more about our service.

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