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Frequently Asked Questions about FreeOfficeFinder and our Office Search service.

FreeOfficeFinder is an independent office search agency that assists companies and organisations of all sizes in finding office space to rent in London and across the UK. We own a database of 1000s of offices in 100s of London and UK locations providing a free one-stop-shop solution allowing clients to find, view and take office space that suits their needs. You can read more about our history in our company profile page and the service we provide on our about us page.
For tenants looking for office space, our service is 100% free from start to finish. We are able to offer this service because of the unique way we are funded by the office providers.
You can either search our website to find offices or call us now on 02071234711. You can discuss your office space requirements with one of our expert advisors, who will then suggest suitable rental options, outline prices, provide you with a detailed interactive search report, and even arrange viewings on your behalf.
Absolutely. We can search our database and hand-pick suitable offices for you, free of charge.
Enter your desired office postcode or area into the search bar at the top of the page or on our homepage, then press ‘enter’. From there, you can browse and filter offices to your specification.
We typically market serviced office space which can be offered as private offices or coworking deskspace.
Serviced Offices (also known as Business Centres, Executive Suites or Furnished Offices) offer an immediate solution to all your office space needs. Read more on our serviced offices page.
The term 'serviced office' is used by some to describe a type of building that has office suites which are fully furnished, ready to use etc. and by others as a building that houses both private offices and Coworking space. The office space that we list as 'private serviced offices' refers to private offices which are fully furnished, ready to use and happen to be in a 'serviced office' building that may, or mat not, offer Coworking.
Coworking (Shared offices) are open-plan offices where individuals or medium-sized companies can rent a desk in a shared environment with other like-minded freelancers.
Many businesses would save a lot of time and money if they were to use the serviced offices we market across London and the UK. Depending on the size of the company and specification required, offices have been known to cost anything from £5000 to £100,000 to set up with the correct infrastructure. In addition, the time and money lost in managing a traditional office is also overlooked and can cause a business many problems along the way. With a serviced office, all of this cost and hassle is usually saved, making it a more viable option for businesses.
Typically speaking, serviced offices provide furnished, fully-equipped office solutions; however that model has become more flexible throughout the years meaning most of our centres allow you to bring in your own I.T. and furniture.
We market everything from single coworking desks to whole buildings which can accommodate up to 1000 people. If you require space for a large number of people, get in touch with us now and we can point you in the right direction. We are aware of buildings as they are being acquired/purchased by landlords and can very often get you through the doors before they go to market.
Typically, 75 square feet are required per person, although this can slightly change depending on the size of the space.
Some of our offices are pet friendly and we can tell you which ones. With respect to treatment centres, providing the treatment is non-invasive (doesn’t penetrate the skin), then we have office providers who would accommodate your business.
Workspace typically include furniture, internet and phones- all ready and working- although these can be removed if requested. We sometimes refer to this as a ‘plug-and-play’ office.
Some providers prefer us not to market their prices publicly whilst others haven’t updated us with pricing. Call us and we will provide you with guidance on any pricing you need.
Typical monthly rental prices include rent, rates, service charges, utilities, furniture and the use of communal facilities, amongst other things such as flexibility to move office, depending on the office provider.
We add and remove workspaces daily, so our database is very much up-to- date.
We will discuss your office space requirements with you, assess your needs, identify the most suitable options and then present you with a selection of offices to rent. We can also arrange immediate viewings for urgent requirements. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the offices we market. It is nearly impossible for a new client to fully understand the most suitable options behind their computer, so we advise contacting a FreeOfficeFinder consultant who can discuss requirements and will hand pick the most suitable offices for an in-person viewing. This will allow you to gain first-hand experience of the offices and their facilities.
Client information is never given or sold to any third party and is kept strictly for the use of FreeOfficeFinder. Unless you have specified otherwise, and in order to ensure that we don't waste your time showing unsuitable offices, we consult with the office providers using the basic details of your office search in order for them to update us with suitable office space - the availability of which can change on a daily basis. We are GDPR-compliant however, should you have any questions, please contact us if you have any preferences in how we handle your information prior to starting your search with us.
Our service is 100% free for tenants as we are paid by landlords for the introduction of clients.
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