Think Donald Trump’s handshake style is unusual? We have put together a list of 10 handshakes, and the explanation behind them, including the Trump shake.

Psychoanalytic studies reveal that handshakes give away clues to someone’s personality and intentions. At least 10 different handshakes have been identified that should help us understand the other person and see what lies beneath the surface. This can be used to our advantage if we’re going to do business with somebody, or if we just met a person and thought the handshake was a bit off.

1.       The Teacup

The ‘teacup’ is normal at first glance, except your palms won’t be touching, because the other person keeps their palm cupped. This could be interpreted in several ways. They might just be timid, or they could be hiding something from you.

2.       Lobster Claw

The other person will grab your hand as if theirs was a claw. Their thumb and fingers will touch the palm of your hand. This signals discomfort and some slight fear and it might be a sign that the person doing this finds it difficult to build relationships.

3.       Finger Vice

When the other person grabs your fingers instead of your whole hand, it might indicate that they’re discreetly keeping you at a distance. This could derive from insecurity or lack of trust. If they are also crushing your fingers, this is a subtle show of power and a subconscious warning not to challenge them.

Unless you are the shaking hands with the queen, the finger vice is not the most reassuring handshake.

4.       Hand Wrestler

Your hand is apparently taken as usual, but then suddenly twisted under. Usually done aggressively, this is a sign that the person is determined to be on top by all means. They could turn out to be dominating, or just very competitive and hard-working.

5.       The Politician

They will grab your hand firmly, as in a normal handshake, but their other hand will cover yours, or be placed on your shoulder or arm. It could also be accompanied by a gentle tap or pat. Unless this is an old or close friend, these extra gestures are almost surely indicating false sincerity.

6.       Bone Crusher

Squeezing your hand until you show discomfort is a clear sign of intimidation. Although claiming to do it jokingly, it still shows an inner need to demonstrate some kind of superiority.

7.       The Controller

If you feel your hand being pulled towards the person, or being guided somewhere after the handshake, you have a controller on your hands, literally. These people want to dominate and control the direction of your interaction.

8.       Brush off

This handshake is somewhat normal, except it happens way too quickly. It makes you feel as though they pushed your hand aside. This could be a rude statement of your unimportance, or the other person might be in a great rush.

9.       Dead Fish

This indifferent handshake can be a sign of a reserved or passive individual. This can also mean the person is disinterested in you, or maybe socialising is their least favourite activity.

10.   Sweaty Palms

Last but not least – the age-old sign of nervousness, the most inoffensive weird handshake but also one of the most uncomfortable – the sweaty handshake. Doing your best to calm down the other person could ensure your goodbye handshake is ‘more pleasant’.

Awkward handshakes happen to politicians all the time.