At FreeOfficeFinder, we are excited to announce a multi-million pound agreement with the government to revive red phone boxes throughout London, transforming them into singular office pods.

london phone boxes replaced with office pods

The red telephone box is definitely something that comes to mind when you think of London – alongside Big Ben and the London Underground. As a result of mobile phones, telephone boxes do not as much use as they once did, and so from September, they are undergoing a transformation. Rather than just being a phone, they will be turned into office pods, available for people to rent – with prices starting at £20 an hour.

Each phone box will be turned into its own pod with a range of features – including access to Wi-Fi and a telephone. On top of that, they’ll have access to a laptop and a coffee machine; helping to ensure people can be both comfortable and productive while using the pod. Open 24 hours a day, the pods are likely to be popular with freelancers and people who like to work away from the noise of a busy office.

The basic cost of £20 an hour will give you access to the pod, use of the coffee machine and the Wi-Fi. If you wish to make use of the laptop or telephone then there will be extra charges on top of this.

Although most of us are used to seeing the infamous red phone box throughout the capital city, realistically most of us have not used one for a number of years. Recent studies have shown that repairs and maintenance of the telephone boxes cost the government over £1,000,000 each year. This new deal will ensure these phone boxes get used, with the aim of helping businesses throughout London increase their productivity.

You can sign up now to experience one for no cost at one of our office showcases; otherwise, they’ll be in use throughout London from 1st September. 

Email [email protected] for more information.