As an office owner, you have probably wondered whether the space you work in affects how productive you’re able to be. Most of us at one time or another has considered whether a well-decorated office really matters. Do we need big windows, office plants and a great view? Well, for those that have splashed out on expensive décor you’ll be pleased to know that it does matter. Research shows that it has a positive effect on productivity. We thought we would recap on what the research found, so you can see just how important it all is.

Office Location

Although this isn’t always possible to dictate, an office space with a decent view can help with staff morale and well-being. If you have an office space with some greenery around it, your staff are likely to prefer this over busy city settings.

Greenery At Work

Whether or not you have lots of green space surrounding your work location, having plants and flowers within the office certainly helps. Benefits of green space in the office (or indeed at home) include reduced stress levels, higher performance levels and increased brain activity. If you have a space in your office for some plants, even if just on window sills at the edge of the workspace, your staff are likely to benefit from this.

Displaying Art Work

When asked, 64% of staff thought that displaying art in the office increased their productivity, and 78% of staff said that art on display helped to reduce their stress levels. You may assume that the main reason to display art in the workplace is to impress visitors, however, it is actually shown to help with productivity – by encouraging staff to be more creative and helping them connect with clients and customers.

A Nice Bright Office

Having an office space with plenty of natural light is definitely beneficial. People who work from an office daily said they felt better and were less likely to take a day off work if they were working in an office with plenty of natural light. In office spaces where natural light is not possible, investing in decent lighting can also help with this. If you have staff that work night shifts then this is even more important if you want them to have a high morale and feel good while at work.