Regus, the world’s largest serviced office space provider, have reported a record growth in sales over the past year. Following their successful amalgamation with MWB, they have reported a growth in sales of 23% over the past 12 months. This means that even though they have spent at least £300m this year in renewing its business centres and snapping up new locations, they have increased operating profits to £90.8m.

This was reported in their end of year figures, which also shows that compared to 12 months ago they now have 30% as many sites as they did previously. The CEO of Regus, Mark Dixon, spoke of how pleased they were to have such a year of record achievements. He feels that all elements of the business have made progress, telling people that they now have 1,831 business centres open worldwide, an increase of 30%. A rate of investment and growth that no one predicted would have taken place this year.

Regus were early players in the world of serviced offices, always trying to stay one step ahead of the game. They have always spoken of wanting to offer innovative office space that caters to the needs of their clients.

Following on this from the mammoth year they have had, they also announced that they don’t plan to stop there. Throughout the next year, they have plans to expand even further – opening at least another 300 serviced office locations worldwide.

They also have a new ‘Third Place’ concept, which will offer people another workplace option, aside from a permanent office or working from home. For example, if people are checking into a visitor lounge at a train station or stopping for lunch at motorway services, they may well find that Regus have flexible workspace there, offering them the opportunity to keep on working.

This has been a great year for Regus, and it looks set to continue into next year.