Over the next few weeks, FreeOfficeFinder will be celebrating the best of the UK's young business talent. Starting today, we will post a list of ten of the country's most inspiring entrepreneurs under 30 each week.

Dr Leah Totton

Dr Leah was a practicing doctor who had finished top of her class in medical school when she applied to take part in 2013's Apprentice. After winning the show, she has undoubtedly become one of the series' biggest success stories. With the £250,000 prize money, she invested and co-founded Dr Leah's clinic in London, and it was so successful that she opened a second one in Essex the following year.

Leah is an extremely well respected and award winning cosmetic skin specialist and is currently undertaking a Master's Degree in Dermatology to expand her knowledge and credentials in the field.

Tom Birbeck

After attending university until 2010, Tom went on to attain his commercial diving licence and has taken part in deep sea diving projects all around the world. In 2015, Tom co-founded Arc-Marine, a company dedicated to solving the problem of decreasing marine life on the UK coast. The company has recently been given funding by Virgin Startup.

Ben Towers

At the age of 17, Ben is already a prolific entrepreneur. Having started his design agency, Towers Design, when he was only 11, it now employs 19 members of staff and has over 1,000 customers.

As well as his own design agency, Ben also runs a social media management company as well as a number of other ventures.

Ben has won a number of awards and is also a business mentor, helping fledgling businesses with his expertise.

Anisah Osman Britton

Anisah is the founder of 23 Code Street, a coding school for women. For every paying student at the coding school, 23 Code Street teaches a woman in India how to code. With the first course just launched, and the India mission starting in September, it's a busy time for the new start-up.

Michaela Drake

After being the CEO of MyTravellingNanny since 2010, Michelle founded the brilliantly named Poppins App in 2015. The app is there to help parents find fully vetted, reviewed babysitters in their local area. All sitters are police checked and reviewed, as well as vetted by a nanny agency, and reviewed by previous users.

Claudia Chapman

After running her own nanny recruitment agency since 2008, last year Claudia founded MyLocalHelper.com, a website that allows people to find help in local areas. Whether it's child care, pet care or assistance around the house, MyLocalHelper has a database of helpers for local people.

Bryan Shelman

Bryan's company, Anthem Culture, is a global media lifestyle company exploring culture around the world through music, art, food, fashion and many more.

Through this company, he attends numerous events experiencing various cultures, ranging from Art exhibits, fashion showcases and music performances, which Anthem Culture helps to promote and grow.

Peter Spence

Peter is the founder and inventor of Tio. Tio is a kit to help kids build app controlled toys and their goal is to spark a lifelong passion for science and the arts and inspire tomorrow's inventors.

Although Tio is still in its infancy, it has already been receiving positive press from publications such as the Guardian, Huffington Post and Forbes.

Susanna Halonen

Susanna Halonen, also known as the Happyologist, has a degree from Regent's University London. She left corporate marketing in 2012 to become a happiness coach. She specialised in the science of positive psychology and now helps her clients to kill their self-doubt, embrace positive thinking and build lifestyles they love. In 2014 she became a published researcher and in 2015 she released her first book Screw Finding Your Passion. Today she is a regular commentator in the media from the BBC to The Independent and many more.

Martin Ray-Jones

Martin started his animation business when his daughter was only a few months old, around 4 years ago. He was working on his laptop next to his wife's hospital bed just before their son was born in 2013.

Now he runs Eden Videos, an animation business, from home, and has worked with over 100 clients on over 400 animated videos. He has worked with companies such as John Lewis, the NHS, Just Eat and a number of prominent charities and universities in the UK.