We all are aware of the importance of looking after our environment. Climate change is affecting the entire world and every day that passes is a step closer to the world running out of fossil fuels and temperatures rising to a point where polar ice caps melt and cause devastating affects the world over.

As a business, have you ever stopped to think about the impact that you have on the environment? Have you ever taken a moment to think about how far you are prepared to go to protect the planet, and quite literally change the world? The chances are that you have some thoughts floating about as to some of the measures that you can take to lower the amount of energy that your business uses and wastes, as well as not creating the same levels of waste that you currently do. However, knowing what to do to really make an impact can be a challenge.

Fear not, though, as here, we have created a bumper list of thirty great things that you can do to ‘green your office space’, and even better, it is presented in the form of a handy, easy to look at infographic. This will enable your business to have a healthy impact on the environment but will also bring together your staff. Everyone needs a goal to aim for that is not part of their usual daily tasks - this should be it. 

By following the steps that we have set out in the infographic below, not only will you help the environment and become a more ‘green’ workplace, but you will almost certainly cut costs, making it a winning strategy all around. All the options are easy and accessible. You can also share the information to enable others to make their first steps towards sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. If you find the list as handy as we do, please share it with everyone you know.