As businesses across London and the UK navigate a new landscape, FreeOfficeFinder has documented the rise in hybrid working since the pandemic. But what are the challenges, and how does renting a serviced office help?

What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working offers flexibility for employees by blending remote and office-based work. It acknowledges the benefits of in-person and remote working while balancing productivity and flexibility. A serviced office can support hybrid working by offering advanced technology, streamlining operations, and providing a physical space for employees to work from.

Seamless Technology Integration

The Key to Hybrid Working

Technology bridges the gap between remote and office work in a hybrid setup.

Serviced offices include all the essentials. They offer high-speed internet, telephone systems, and video conferencing facilities to keep teams connected wherever they work. This is key for maintaining communication and continuity for employees.

In-House IT Support

Serviced offices can provide IT support to ensure issues are dealt with quickly. This keeps businesses running effectively and reduces downtime accompanying technical difficulties, a regular challenge in hybrid working.

Operational Efficiency

Reducing Overheads

A serviced office offers a plug-and-play solution at an all-inclusive price. This means that companies can avoid large upfront costs such as furniture and utilities. This can be helpful for companies trialling out a hybrid set-up as there is more flexibility with a smaller initial investment.

Streamlining Operations

Because a serviced office is run by an onsite management team, businesses can focus on their operations and increase productivity. Administrative tasks such as cleaning, building maintenance, and even reception services are handled. For teams that are only partially in the office, this frees up valuable time for in-person discussions.

Company Culture in a Professional Environment

Creating a Sense of Belonging

In a fully remote setup, we have found that companies struggle to maintain a culture where employees feel included and valued. 

Serviced offices provide meeting rooms and breakout spaces for brainstorming and socialising whilst reinforcing company values. Features such as privacy pods also provide areas for focus and concentration for those with varying work styles.

Flexibility to Upsize or Downsize

As a company grows, it will need more office space.

A serviced office allows businesses to upsize without a long-term commitment. This is great for companies unsure of the hybrid working model or wanting to work from an office full-time. Likewise, companies transitioning into fully remote working can downsize their offices.

Health and Wellbeing

A Safe Place to Work

It is imperative for business proprietors to safeguard the well-being of their workforce. By emphasizing routine sanitation and implementing air-purification solutions, they adhere to health regulations. Such measures foster a secure workplace for staff members during office hours.

Wellbeing at Work

Many serviced office buildings provide a range of onsite amenities to promote wellbeing and support employees' mental and physical health. These amenities include gyms and even regular wellness classes.

By default, serviced offices are fully furnished and with the rise in ergonomic furniture, many provide a variety of options when it comes to furniture. This could range from variable-height desks to adjustable chairs.

Improved Collaboration and Networking

Enhancing Collaboration

Working from home can often feel isolating. They offer comfortable communal areas great for team collaborations. Many buildings also have bookable meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities, further complementing the hybrid set-up.

Spontaneous Networking Opportunities

Serviced offices are a hub for businesses of all industries. Breakout spaces provide the ideal location for spontaneous networking, which can become more fruitful. We have found that London, in particular, is popular with companies that rely on networking.


Now that companies are prioritising flexibility and efficiency, serviced offices perfectly complement hybrid working. They ensure a smooth transition from working from home while offering additional wellbeing benefits for employees.