Here at FreeOfficeFinder we’re fans of getting up early and starting the day, so we are launching the #EarlybirdChallenge to help share some benefits of doing this. We might be here to help people find their perfect office space with a view to increasing productivity, but we also know how important it is to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

We thought we would share some places that encourage early morning activity throughout London, as well as encouraging you all to use #EarlybirdChallenge to spread the word of our campaign via social media.

Getting Up Early

We have over 25,000 mornings in our lifetime, and we wanted to think back to how we have spent them in the past. Be honest, how are your mornings spent? Hitting the snooze button until the last possible minute before you force yourself to get up? Are your mornings spent bleary-eyed as you rush around the house trying to get ready and not forget anything you need to take with you for the day ahead? Do you need to take part in a busy commute, stumbling into the office just before 9 as we settle down for a long day at work, left wondering why we have no free time any more?

Some of this can be avoided by getting up just an hour early each morning. Adjust your regular sleeping pattern so that before work you have some ‘you’ time, and prepare yourself for the day. This could be working out, catching up on some TV or just enjoying quiet time; something that puts you in a positive mindset ready for the day ahead. By getting up early you also give yourself time to prepare some proper breakfast, not something rushed as you run to work worried about clocking in on time.

What Is The #EarlybirdChallenge?

The main idea behind the challenge is to spend 7 days getting out of bed earlier. We know that this has a massive impact on mental health and physical well-being. We encourage everyone to get involved, add an hour to your day for a week and see the benefits for yourself.

We’ve teamed up with a range of bloggers who are trying out a range of London activities for us, all early in the morning. We hope that this will help you be motivated in undertaking the change as they share their experiences, how they have felt about their very early mornings and what benefit they have felt. Absolutely everyone is welcome to join in and we’d love it if you could share your experiences using the hashtag across social media platforms too!

The Benefits

There have been some recent studies carried out by The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. These showed that 61% of people feel that they have no free time, with 33% of them saying they have less than 60 minutes a day to themselves once they have finished work. 34% of those asked felt they were always rushing and lots of parents in the survey said they had less than 20 minutes a day which they could call their own. We strongly believe much of this could be changed by taking part in the #EarlybirdChallenge.

We’ll be on Twitter using #EarlybirdChallenge to share our inspirations and motivations. We’d love to hear your stories too – especially when you have successfully completed 7 days of getting up early, make sure you let us know how you felt!

If you’re a blogger who wants to get involved, or you’d like more information on the challenge please get in touch - [email protected]