Enterprise office space is a large private workspace that can accommodate big organisations/enterprises. In the flexible workspace arena, it can be a large, managed or serviced office with shared or dedicated amenities and facilities within the office.

Providers offering enterprise office space will often tailor layouts to suit individual businesses, providing a long-term yet flexible solution for companies looking for large serviced offices to rent.

As with all flexible office solutions, there are many advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. This article will highlight them so you can make the right decision for your business.

Advantages of Enterprise Office Space

1. Flexibility and Scalability

One of the main advantages of enterprise office space is that it allows for flexibility and scalability. 

Businesses looking to grow can expand within the same building without relocating. Contract terms are also flexible, and many providers offer discounts to long-term tenants.


2. Advanced Business Infrastructure

When enterprise offices are serviced, they are fully equipped with the infrastructure to accommodate large businesses. This includes advanced telecoms, high-speed Wi-Fi, and dedicated broadband. 

Tech and finance firms find this infrastructure particularly useful for gaining an edge against competitors.

3. Increased Operational Efficiency

Enterprise office spaces allow all teams to work under one roof, promoting collaboration and face-to-face communication. This ensures decision-making is much faster and more efficient.

4. Added Security

Many enterprise office spaces are found within business centres with CCTV, managed receptions, and secure access. However, as serviced office buildings develop, many business centres now have smart features to increase security, such as biometric access and enhanced surveillance.

Renting an enterprise office space allows companies to dedicate certain areas to specific departments. This means that accounts or HR teams dealing with sensitive information have greater privacy within the workspace.

5. Boost Brand Image

Renting enterprise office space in a prime location like Central London will enhance a company’s image and provide a prestigious address, which can help attract clients and employees.

Many serviced office providers also allow companies to add their branding to the office space, making the workspace part of the company’s identity.

6. Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Enterprise office spaces often include a range of on-site amenities, such as gyms, cafés, and even childcare facilities. This can significantly enhance current employee satisfaction and help to attract new talent.

Disadvantages Of Enterprise Office Space

1. Higher Costs

Workspace in popular locations like London can be quite costly, especially enterprise office space, which is much larger.

Many large organisations seek to bypass renting office space in locations such as Soho and Mayfair, and opt for enterprise space in the city or outskirts of central London. 

However, serviced offices, which include rent, utilities, and business rates, can be cheaper than traditional leased space.

The office provider handles the centre's running and all maintenance issues, making it cheaper for companies renting enterprise space.

2. Unused Office Space

As remote and hybrid working continue to rise, some businesses may need less physical office space.

Although serviced office providers allow businesses to scale down and up, this process can sometimes be lengthy while waiting for a suitable office within the same building. This can lead to office space being left unused.

3. Greater Carbon Footprint

Enterprise office spaces can negatively affect a business’s carbon footprint as they use more energy than their smaller counterparts. However, many serviced office providers, especially in London, are now B-Corp certified, ensuring their operations meet the highest environmental and social performance standards.


4. More Distractions

Having all employees working in the same office space may lead to greater distractions for those who prefer a quieter working environment. While enterprise offices provide more space to create “focus zones”, these may not be sufficient for all employees.


Enterprise office spaces provide a range of advantages, including flexibility and advanced infrastructure, which make them ideal for large organisations. Businesses in London and the UK should consider the above factors when deciding whether/when to rent an enterprise office space.