What's Included in the Price of a Serviced Office in London?

London is one of the world’s largest serviced office hubs; there’s something for every company with first-class amenities and flexible terms. The all-inclusive monthly pricing makes it easier to manage cash flow and plan for uncertainty. Let's look at what’s usually included in the price of a serviced office in London.


A reliable internet connection is a must-have. Fortunately, serviced office providers usually include high-speed internet in their office pricing. Depending on the size of your office the provider might even offer you a dedicated internet connection. Other providers will offer a shared connection, especially those who cater for coworking members.

Remember to ask about the speed and reliability of the internet connection before you commit.


Electricity is another fundamental must-have for businesses – it powers the lighting, heating, and air conditioning. The good news is it’s included in the price, so you won’t have to worry about fluctuating bills. This also makes sense from an operational standpoint because you’ll be sharing the building with other occupiers. Many serviced offices have energy-saving features like motion sensors and LED bulbs to help protect the environment and keep costs down. 


The maintenance and cleaning of the building are usually taken care of by the serviced office provider and are included in the price of the rental agreement. Maintenance includes things like repairs and the upkeep of furniture in the office, such as workstations. Before you sign, check what’s covered by the maintenance service and how quickly repairs are carried out once an issue has been identified.

Reception Staff

One of the best things about serviced offices is the staff who run them! 

Most offices have a receptionist who is responsible for greeting visitors, answering calls and handling mail for occupiers. The size of the reception team will depend primarily on the size of the building. Your serviced office might also have a building manager – the person who looks after the building – or a community manager – the person who looks after the occupiers.

Meeting Rooms

If you meet clients face-to-face or conduct internal meetings in person, opt for a serviced office with meeting rooms. Most serviced offices have at least one furnished meeting room. The quality of the meeting rooms varies – when visiting, check to see if they are also kitted out with AV equipment for presentations and hybrid meetings.

You’ll probably have to pay to use the meeting rooms. In terms of pricing, most offices charge for meeting room usage by the hour and some offer discounts to occupiers. If you’re renting a large private office, you might have unlimited access to your own meeting room.

Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen facilities are also included in the price and are maintained by the provider. Unless you’re renting an entire floor, you’ll probably be sharing the kitchen with other organisations in the building (however, you may have private access to a kitchenette). 

The kitchen can be a great place to meet other people and chat over a cup of coffee.


You wouldn’t want to rent a serviced office that lacked basic toilet facilities!

The quality of these facilitates will depend on the quality and cost of the office space. Cheaper serviced offices are more likely to provide basic toilet facilities, whereas a higher-end workspace may boast additional perks such as luxury toiletries. Some offices also come with showers – a necessity for anyone commuting long distances by bicycle in the summer.

Additional Services

Again, every serviced office is unique. Alongside the basics we’ve outlined above, a range of other services might be included in the price, and it’s always worth checking with the provider. Here are a handful of additional services you might benefit from when you move in:

• Printing and scanning

• Gym access

• Discounts at local businesses

• Yoga 

• Social and networking events

If you’re ready to start your search for a serviced office, Freeofficefinder can help. As well as our dedicated team who can find and secure an office for you, we have a range of resources to help you compare office pricing in London and choose the right workspace solution for your team.

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