As you search for the ideal workspace, knowing what to look for in a serviced office for 2024 is critical to finding a place that meets your professional needs and enhances productivity and well-being.

This article is designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the essential features and amenities that define a top-tier serviced office today.

Read on to ensure your next office space has everything you need for success in the modern business world.

1. High-Speed Internet Connectivity

High-speed internet connectivity is a cornerstone of modern business operations, especially in serviced offices.

Let's explore the key benefits and features that make high-speed internet an indispensable asset in a serviced office: 

• Seamless Cloud-Based Operations

With businesses increasingly relying on cloud services, a high-speed connection ensures smooth access and operation of these platforms.

• Effective Communication

Essential for supporting tools like video conferencing and VoIP, and vital for maintaining clear and constant communication with clients and team members.

• Reduced Downtime

A fast and reliable internet connection reduces the risk of costly business interruptions and downtime.

• Backup Connectivity

The best-serviced offices offer backup internet solutions, safeguarding against unexpected outages and maintaining business continuity.

• Scalable Bandwidth

As your business grows, your internet needs will evolve. Serviced offices with scalable internet options can accommodate this growth without hindrance.

• Support for Multiple Devices

In an era where multiple devices per person are the norm, sufficient bandwidth is crucial to support everything from laptops to smartphones and IoT devices.

2. Advanced Meeting and Conference Facilities

The evolution of meeting and conference spaces reflects a shift towards more interactive and technologically integrated business interactions. 

Here are some key aspects that highlight their importance:

• State-of-the-Art Technology

Equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, these rooms offer seamless video conferencing capabilities, high-quality sound systems, and large digital screens, ensuring a smooth and professional experience in every meeting.

• Flexible Room Layouts

Understanding that no two meetings are the same, these facilities offer versatile layouts. Whether it's a small team brainstorming session or a large client presentation, the space can be adapted to suit various group sizes and meeting styles.

• Connectivity and Integration

With high-speed internet as a given, these rooms also feature easy connectivity options for various devices, allowing participants to share and collaborate on digital platforms effortlessly.

• Acoustic Design

Good acoustics are essential for clear communication. These meeting spaces are designed to minimise external noise and echo, ensuring that discussions are heard clearly by all participants.

3. Ergonomic Office Furniture

The emphasis on ergonomic office furniture in serviced offices demonstrates a commitment to workplace wellbeing. This focus is increasingly becoming a key factor for businesses when choosing their workspace due to its significant impact on various aspects:

• Improved Physical Health

Ergonomic furniture is specifically designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. It alleviates common office-related strains on the back, neck, and shoulders, promoting better physical health among employees.

• Enhanced Mental Wellbeing

A comfortable and thoughtfully designed work environment is crucial in decreasing stress levels. It contributes to improved mental health, fostering a more positive and supportive workplace atmosphere.

• Increased Productivity

The comfort provided by ergonomic furniture directly translates to enhanced focus and sustained productivity. Employees can work more effectively for more extended periods without the distraction of discomfort.

• Lower Absenteeism

A reduction in physical strain and promotion of better health often leads to decreased absenteeism. Employees are less likely to take time off due to work-related health issues when their physical well-being is supported.

4. Flexible Workspace Options

Flexible workspace options have become a defining feature of serviced offices in 2024, catering to modern businesses' diverse and evolving needs. This flexibility is crucial in providing a dynamic and adaptable work environment accommodating various work styles and team configurations.

Flexible workspace options in serviced offices typically include:

• Private Offices

For teams or individuals who require privacy and focus, private offices offer a secluded space away from the general hustle and bustle.

• Co-working Spaces

Ideal for freelancers, remote workers, or small teams, co-working spaces provide a collaborative and vibrant environment that fosters networking and creativity. 

Coworking spaces include either:

A. Hot Desking: This setup allows individuals to choose their workspace on a first-come, first-served basis, offering maximum flexibility and variety in their work environment.


B. Dedicated Desks: For those who prefer a consistent location, dedicated desks provide personal space in a shared environment, combining the benefits of structure and community.

• Breakout Areas

Informal spaces designed for relaxation, casual meetings, or a change of scenery, these areas help in reducing stress and boosting creativity.

5. Robust Security Systems

As businesses increasingly handle sensitive data and face various security threats, the importance of comprehensive security measures in office spaces cannot be overstated.

Key elements of robust security systems in serviced offices include:

• Advanced Surveillance

CCTV cameras and surveillance systems provide round-the-clock monitoring of the premises, deterring potential security breaches and ensuring a safe working environment.


• Access Control Systems

These systems regulate who can enter the office space, with features like keycard access, biometric scanners, or PIN codes, adding an extra layer of security.

• Cybersecurity Measures

With the rise of digital work, protecting against cyber threats is essential. Serviced offices should offer secure Wi-Fi networks, firewalls, and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

6. Café

With 27.5% of serviced offices located in London offering a café on-premises, it is scarce but significantly convenient. It saves employees the time and effort of leaving the office for coffee breaks or meals. 

The availability of food and beverages on-site also means that employees can refuel and rejuvenate without stepping out, maintaining their energy and focus throughout the workday.

7. Gym

An on-site gym is a clear indicator of an employer's commitment to the health and wellbeing of their staff. It offers a convenient way for employees to engage in physical activity, which is essential for maintaining good health, especially in a job with long sitting hours. 

Regular access to fitness facilities can significantly improve physical health, reduce stress, and enhance mental well-being.


8. Shower Facilities

Complementing the gym and shower facilities within the office is a thoughtful addition. They are particularly beneficial for those who cycle to work or engage in lunchtime workouts, allowing them to freshen up before returning to their tasks. 

Featured Location: 88% of our serviced offices in Holborn include shower facilities.

9. Access to Business Equipment and Services

Serviced offices typically provide a range of business equipment and services, including: 

• State-of-the-art printers and scanners

These are essential for handling daily administrative tasks. Access to high-quality printers and scanners ensures businesses can manage their printing needs efficiently, from important documents to marketing materials.

• Reliable Photocopying Services

Quick and efficient photocopying services are vital for businesses that require multiple copies of documents for meetings, presentations, or record-keeping.

• Professional Mail Handling

Serviced offices often offer mail handling services, including receiving, sorting, and distributing mail. This service ensures that all correspondence is managed professionally and promptly.

This access is essential for businesses to function smoothly and effectively without significant capital investment in equipment and infrastructure.

10. 24/7 Access

The advantages of 24/7 access in serviced offices are manifold:

• Flexibility for Different Work Schedules

Not everyone adheres to the traditional 9-to-5 schedule in today's diverse work environment. 24/7 access caters to night owls, early birds, and those in different time zones, ensuring the office is available whenever needed.


• Convenience for Global Business Operations

For businesses that operate internationally, having an office space accessible at all hours is essential to manage different time zones and communicate with clients and partners worldwide.


• Enhanced Productivity

Employees are free to work during their most productive hours, whether late at night or early in the morning, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

• Emergency Access

In case of urgent tasks or deadlines, 24/7 access means that employees can enter the office at any time to complete their work, providing peace of mind and flexibility.

11. Bike Storage

The bike storage in a serviced office is a testament to the growing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly commuting. It offers a valuable amenity for employees who prefer cycling to work, actively promoting a mode of transportation that reduces carbon footprints. 

Additionally, the bike storage addresses a crucial need for security, providing a safe and secure place for cyclists to store their bikes during work hours. This not only encourages a healthier, more environmentally conscious commute but also ensures peace of mind regarding the safety of personal property.

Featured Location: 15 of 29 offices to rent in WC2 include bike storage.


12. On-site Car Park

An on-site car park significantly enhances the convenience and security of those driving to work. This feature eliminates the daily hassle and stress of finding a parking spot, a precious asset in busy urban areas. 

Moreover, the on-site car park serves as a practical amenity for businesses that frequently host clients or partners, offering easy and secure parking options for visitors, thereby enhancing the overall accessibility and professionalism of the business.

13. Pet Friendly

Embracing a pet-friendly policy in the office can dramatically improve the workplace atmosphere, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable environment. This approach acknowledges the importance of pets in many people's lives and can significantly boost employee morale. 

Furthermore, a pet-friendly office is an attractive feature for potential employees, broadening the talent pool and appealing to a wider range of job seekers, considering pet policies an important factor in their employment decisions.


14. Disabled Access

Ensuring disabled access is essential for creating an inclusive and accessible work environment. This commitment to inclusivity, as seen in Reading with 75% of office spaces to rent offering disabled access, demonstrates that the office accommodates all employees and visitors, regardless of physical abilities. 

Additionally, compliance with regulations regarding disabled access is not only a moral imperative but also a legal necessity in many regions, ensuring that the office space adheres to necessary laws and standards and fostering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

15. Event Space

The availability of an event space within the office premises offers a versatile solution for various business needs. This space can be utilised for hosting meetings, workshops, or corporate events, providing businesses with a convenient and cost-effective option. 

Moreover, having an event space encourages networking and community-building activities, fostering collaboration and camaraderie within the office environment. This feature serves practical business functions and enhances the workplace's social and collaborative aspects.


In conclusion, when looking for a serviced office space to rent in 2024, it is essential to prioritise amenities which align with your business needs and boost the productivity and well-being of your employees.