1. Did you know that by turning down your heating thermostat by just ten degrees, you can reduce your annual heating bill by 10%? That’s a saving we’d like to see! In the hotter months of the year, it’s a good idea to invest in window blinds and natural ventilation. Air conditioning is a drain on the environment, and your finances!

2. It might be worth asking your energy provider about the options in place for you. It may well be that you could make the move to greener pastures, and soon be being fuelled by solar panels or even wind turbines.

3. It sounds obvious, and yet so many people forget to do this simple energy saving trick...turning off their computers when they aren’t being used! This is especially important over weekends – so don’t get overwhelmed with that Friday feeling before you’ve remembered to switch off your devices.

4. You should always aim to replace your old light bulbs with new LEDs. By making a move to energy efficient light bulbs, you can actually save up to 70% in energy use! These new bulbs are also extremely cost-effective. Where a traditional bulb usually lasts around 750 hours, an LED will last for 30,000 – that’s three and a half years!

5. Recycling bins are a great first step to take towards a greener, more eco-friendly office. Separate ones for paper, plastic, aluminium, printer cartridges, toners and glass are available. 

6. Always try to think before throwing anything away though – could it be reused for something else? Why no gather together all your spare paper, and create a makeshift notepad by using a bulldog clip to combine them?

7. Before processing a whole stationery order, ask yourself this. Have you suggested a ‘stationery amnesty’? Everyone has the odd notepad or pen they never use – gather all these together and you may find there’s no need to call out a stationery order after all!

8. When it is necessary to place an order, always make sure you do your research as to who provides the most environmentally friendly products. Ask around! By chatting to others in the office you can combine your orders to reduce on delivery fuel and transportation costs.

9. Have you heard the scary truth about your daily cleaning products? Over the course of time, over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into their make-up. America’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has deemed over 70% as harmful to human beings, and potentially toxic for our water supplies. Take a stand and keep your eyes out for eco-friendly, biodegradable products.

10. The same should go for your office equipment. It’s best to always order recycled paper, pencils, envelopes and furniture – the eco-system will thank you for it! To conserve running energy costs keep an eye out for multi-purpose machines that will print, fax and scan.

11. Working in an office comes with the inevitability of endless tea and coffee rounds, which all add up! You can save time, money and energy by choosing a fast boil eco-kettle, or what about simply installing a boiling water tap in the office?

12. Constructing an eco-friendly office should begin before you even get to work. The way you and your employees get to work can have a big difference on the environment and their mindset. Why not encourage people who live close together to set up a car-sharing scheme? 

13. Public transport is a fantastic service, and should be used at every opportunity. It could also speed up the time it takes for your co-workers arrive at the office – as long as they avoid pesky delays!

14. If you have to travel a great deal for meetings and visiting clients, why not weigh up the positives of using Skype and other video-conference tools? You can conduct meetings from the comfort of your own office, whilst avoiding increasing your carbon footprint!

15. Could you speak to a local council or bicycle supplier about introducing a bike scheme in the office? Morning exercise has been proven to increase energy levels in people, improving mood, health and metabolism! Seems like an easy way to discover your greener side.