Recently, we announced our brand-new feature: Start-Up of The Month.

More than 130 start-ups got in touch and we have also been busy looking at the market to see which ones we love the idea of.

Narrowing the choice down to just five was a huge challenge - there are so many start-ups out there that impressed us! However, with lots of deliberation and tough decision making, we managed to choose five to make the cut.

We chose companies that we believe are superb and innovative concepts that are being managed and pulled off well.


Movebubble helps people in London to look for places to rent. They hope to completely change the way that people rent, putting tenants at the very centre of everything that they do. They also strive for total clarity and transparency on the availability of property and the associated fees. These are known to be some of the biggest problems faced by potential tenants, who waste a significant quantity of time contacting agents to arrange the viewing of a property.

Movebubble is based in Clerkenwell, in London. We have featured them as one of the top start-ups for April as we believe that the vast amount of people hoping to rent a residential property in the capital city will find this app useful. It is a task that is stressful, time-consuming, and full of challenges, so anything that makes it more straightforward is a winner with us.


When it comes to broken tech devices, we believe that repairing should always be the first option. Repairly is an initiative that works on this premise, incentivising the repair of an item over an automatic replacement. Broken devices will be collected by Repairly, fixed, and returned within two hours.

The company started up in November 2015. They have been the recipients of funding from Virgin Media, Liberty Global and Techstars and offer their services to those living and working in the Greater London area. They made our shortlist because as well as offering a really handy service that helps people in London, they also work to reduce waste. We think that the all too quick disposal of phones and tech devices when they break is a shame when they are fixable, which is why Repairly get our vote. 

The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda is based in Essex and makes and sell luxury toilet paper made from bamboo. Most toilet tissue is manufactured from trees, and these can take anything up to thirty years to grow. However, as Bamboo grows as much as one metre a day, it makes it an incredibly eco-friendly material, on top of making sure that the toilet tissue is of great quality. This is why we opted to make Cheeky Panda one of our five start-ups for April. 

Sup Me Now

We know how annoying it is when you get home from somewhere to find out that a friend was nearby, and you could have met up for a coffee and a chat. The Sup app is a great - and free - app that sends you a notification if any of your other friends using the app are in the near vicinity. This makes socialising much easier and leads to those special and unexpected encounters occurring much more often. If privacy is a concern for you, do not worry - the app does not use maps or exact location setting so if you are trying to avoid someone, they will not see precisely where you located but it will let them know if you are near. It is ideal for travelling or festivals to find out how close to your friends you are. It has been in operation such November 2015 and is London-based. We love it because we think chance encounters should happen much more often! 

Healthy Start Holidays

We all know the importance of lifestyle, movement, and nutrition for our health, but sometimes we just need a kick to get ourselves started. What better way to do that than a holiday? The idea of Healthy Start Holidays is for guests to be supported to make lifestyle changes on a long-term basis to improve and maintain their health. This initiative was launched last autumn. So far, it has helped plenty of people make better choices and improve their lifestyles.

There are all sorts of active holidays available, such as cycling and running trips. They also have a focus on stretching, nutrition, devising training plans and recovery sessions. Healthy Start Holidays also post useful content on their blog. We chose to add Healthy Start Holidays to our list because of their focus on steady and healthy lifestyle changes rather than faddy diets.

If you would like to be included in May's feature, please email [email protected] to be considered.