Just over a week ago, FreeOfficeFinder announced our start-up of the month feature. We’ve been approached by over 130 start-ups and we’ve also been searching the market for our favourites.

There were a lot of very impressive start ups we came across making it difficult to pick our first 5.

We picked companies we felt are great concepts being executed well.


Movebubble is a fantastic app that helps people look for residential properties to rent in London. They are looking to revolutionise the way people rent property, putting renters at the heart of everything they do and creating complete transparency on fees and availability. They are looking to solve renter’s pain points, starting with the huge amount of time wasted on phoning agents to organise property viewings. Movebubble operate from their office in Clerkenwell, London, and are included in April’s start-up of the month feature because we feel that the app is extremely helpful to the millions of people looking to rent a property in London. Renting a residential property in London can be very difficult and extremely stressful – so we welcome any business that makes it easier for people. 


Repairly is a service that incentives repair over replacement. If you have a broken tech device, Repairly will collect it, fix it and return it to you within two hours. Repairly was launched in November 2015, and has received funding from Techstars, Virgin Media and Liberty Global. Based in Aldgate, Repairly offer their service throughout Central London. We decided to include Repairly because not only do they offer a great service that’s convenient for busy Londoners, they are also trying to contribute to reducing the rising problem with e-waste. We chose Repairly because we think it’s a massive shame when people throw away their tech devices despite it being salvageable. We salute Repairly for trying to fix this problem as well as broken phones.

The Cheeky Panda

Essex based company the Cheeky Panda create luxury bamboo toilet tissue. The majority of toilet paper is made from trees which take up to 30 years to grow. Bamboo can grow at a rate of a meter a day, meaning that as well as being excellent quality, the Cheeky Panda’s product is also very environmentally friendly, which is why we chose them as one of the start-ups of the month. See their video below.

Sup Me Now

Sup app is a free mobile app that notifies you if a friend is nearby, leading to possible meet ups that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The simple but brilliant idea sends a notification to you if a friend is in the same area, leading to chance encounters and moments with friends happen more often. Importantly, the app doesn’t use a map meaning people won’t see exactly where you are, but send your friend a notification if you are close. It’s great for occasions like festivals or when you are abroad or travelling, as you might not realise otherwise how near your friends are to you. We chose Sup because we know how disappointing it is when you and a friend are nearby but you only find out about it when it’s too late. The start-up has been operating since November 2015, and is based in London.  


Healthy Start Holidays

Healthy Start run active holidays based on nutrition, movement and lifestyle and support their guests to make long-term lifestyle changes for the good of their health. The start-up has been running since last autumn, and has since helped lots of people change their lifestyle for the better. They have a variety of active options available, including running and cycling holidays, which cover nutrition, stretching, training plan design, and recovery sessions for these popular sports. As well as the holiday packages, Healthy Start Holidays also has a blog where they regularly post helpful content to their readers. We decided to include Healthy Start in the top 5 start-ups because they focus on their customers making long-term lifestyle changes as opposed to fast and unsustainable weight-loss. And who doesn’t love a holiday?

FreeOfficeFinder would like to thank every start-up who took part in this month’s feature. 

If you run, work for, or know anyone involved in an excellent start-up, send an email to [email protected] to be included in May’s feature.