After visiting each of the Holborn office spaces listed below, we can confirm that not only do they meet our high standards, but they offer a fantastic cup of coffee. Due to the plethora of onsite and local amenities, such as excellent transport links, London is our most popular UK city for renting serviced office space, and Holborn is one of the most requested areas in the capital.

Holborn is a great location for a business, situated between the City and West End. It’s surrounded by plenty of other popular places to rent office space including Chancery Lane, FarringdonThe Strand and Russell Square.

1. Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6NH

At the centre of this office space is an onsite café, a dream come true for coffee enthusiasts. This café isn't just about serving your daily brew; it's a place where coffee culture thrives, offering a variety of drinks and snacks. It's a space where employees can gather for a morning espresso, a midday pick-me-up, or a casual meeting over coffee.

Beyond the café, the office provides a harmonious blend of work and relaxation. It's designed for both productivity and downtime with comfortable lounge areas and communal kitchens. 

The presence of a wellness room offers a peaceful retreat, perfect for unwinding or recharging during a busy day. Similarly, the games room allows light-hearted relaxation and team bonding.

2. Southampton Pl, Holborn, London, WC1A 2BP

Located in the heart of Holborn, the Southampton Place office space blends historical elegance and modern functionality.

The office space at Southampton Place is not just about its classic charm; it's also equipped with top-of-the-range facilities. The building features bright, naturally lit offices, meeting rooms, a breakout area for relaxation, and bicycle storage. These amenities ensure a comfortable and efficient working environment.

An onsite team can assist with any issues, ensuring a smooth day-to-day operation. The office also includes Wi-Fi and a cleaning service, adding convenience. This comprehensive support system caters to all your professional needs within a charming historical setting.

3. St Andrew St, Holborn, London, EC4A 3AG

The St Andrew Street office in Holborn is a testament to modern workspace design. Its spacious and contemporary interior, adorned with modern furnishings and impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, creates an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to productivity. The natural light flooding the space adds to its vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The space also includes modern breakout areas, bookable meeting rooms, communal kitchens, and a staffed reception area, all designed to enhance the working experience.

The office goes beyond basic facilities by offering secure bike storage and shower facilities. These are particularly beneficial for those who cycle to work or exercise during the day, adding an extra layer of convenience.

4. High Holborn, London, WC1V 6PX

The High Holborn office space is a dynamic business hub, offering six floors of private office space, co-working areas, meeting rooms, and event spaces. The inclusion of an open-plan lounge and an open-air courtyard, complete with themed pop-ups, street food, and outside seating, creates a vibrant and engaging work environment.

Each floor, from the first to the fifth, is equipped with its own kitchen space, ensuring convenience and comfort for all occupants. 

The views from these floors provide a scenic backdrop of Holborn's thriving streets and surrounding areas, adding to the workspace's appeal. The open-air courtyard offers a refreshing change of scenery, perfect for breaks or informal gatherings.

5. Waterhouse Sq, Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST

Waterhouse Square in Holborn is a centre that epitomises modern working environments. It's equipped with super-fast Wi-Fi and broadband, ensuring seamless digital connectivity. The office space includes meeting rooms, comfortable lounge areas for informal discussions or breaks, and sound-proofed phone booths for private conversations, catering to various business needs.

The presence of an on-site team at Waterhouse Square adds a layer of support. They provide a welcoming reception service, I.T. support to handle technical issues swiftly, and cleaning services to maintain a pristine working environment.

6. High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LJ

The modern commercial property at High Holborn is designed to meet the demands of contemporary businesses. It boasts super-fast broadband, ensuring outstanding connectivity for all business operations. The building includes phone booths and telephony systems which provide additional privacy and convenience for communications.

Occupants of this serviced office space benefit from full kitchen amenities, including free tea and coffee, adding a touch of comfort to the workday. The business centre is managed by an extensive professional team, offering services such as a managed reception, cleaning, and business advice, ensuring a smooth and efficient office experience.

Additional facilities like bike racks, showers, and 24-hour secure access cater to the diverse needs of modern professionals, making it a versatile and accommodating work environment.

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In your search for offices to rent in Holborn with a cafe, each location offers a unique blend of professional amenities and the added luxury of café culture right at your doorstep. Whether you're a startup, a growing business, or an established corporation, these spaces provide the perfect environment to foster creativity, productivity, and well-being.

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