The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses to evaluate how they use their office space. Many factors come into play here: the impact that the office space has on staff morale, on budgeting and on business strategies. Here, we share some reasons why you should look for more suitable office space this year:

The current space you occupy is just too big

Because of the pandemic, more people than ever are working from home, and jobs are being given on a remote basis rather than people working in a physical office. This means that many businesses now do not need the same amount of space as they did before for offices.

Sadly, the outbreak has also meant that there have been large numbers of redundancies and this again has been one of the driving forces behind many businesses opting to reduce the amount of space they occupy. A large but mostly empty office is costly and can also be detrimental to the morale of staff - a once-bustling office is now quiet, reminding them of how much things have changed.

However, a reduced sized office does not have to mean reduced facilities. Across the United Kingdom, there are office spaces that can be customised and include access to amenities such as bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting areas.

You want to (or need to) cut costs - but still need an office

Impressing clients is a must in business, and up until Coronavirus hit our shores, that meant having an impressive office suite. Fancy reception areas, premium postcode locations, top of the range meeting rooms - these were all important. They can also be expensive.

Now, face to face contact has been almost eliminated and Zoom calls are the new way of conducting meetings with clients. This means that the premium extras that make your office look impressive are no longer needed. 

If you still need a similar size space, look at moving to one that offers the same floor area but with fewer luxury additions. You will make huge savings but still run a fully operational business.

More people are launching their own business 

One of the more positive results of the pandemic is that the furlough scheme and job losses have given lots of individuals an opportunity to start up their own business.

However, as rewarding as self-employment can be, very few people have space in their homes to convert a room into an office. And for those that do, they may prefer to keep their work and home lives separately.

Leasing a private small office is a great solution for this. The majority are furnished and include internet and telephone packages that are ideal for the owner of a small business.

Coworking spaces are another option to look into, especially for people who would rather the hustle and bustle of a busy office. They provide an open plan environment, so people can share an office space with other like-minded people.

People are missing the social aspect of an office

When the virus first landed in the UK and we were encouraged to work from home, the idea was appealing to most of us. There was a rather exciting novelty around working in your joggers or PJ's, not having to battle the daily commute and face other people. However, as we head towards a year of doing so, the appeal has waned - many employees are feeling isolated and miss bouncing ideas off one another and working collaboratively in a coworking office space.

There are also the added challenges of trying to juggle working from home, looking after children and perhaps homeschooling too. In order to protect mental wellbeing and boost the morale of staff, many businesses are opting for private office spaces in the local area as an alternative to working at home.

More space is needed 

While 2020 and the start of 2021 have been anything but positive for the most part, there have been some industries that have managed to flourish, despite everything that is going on. For example, tech businesses have been given a welcome boost because of people working from home, and online, shops have experienced a massive increase in demand and have had to recruit more staff to keep up.

In order to accommodate an unexpected influx of new staff, businesses may need to find new offices that can grow with them.

A safe work environment is needed

For some, working from home is just not possible. For example, in industries where specialist technology or equipment is used and cannot be taken home. In these instances, employers should be looking to invest in bigger offices so that social distancing measures can be maintained. Some businesses have opted to rent more offices so that they can divide teams to lessen the number of people in a building.