Originally on the officeman.co.uk blog.

A co-working space in Old Street.

Co-working office spaces are becoming more and more important both across the US and also in the UK where the sector is growing at an unprecedented rate.

One of the main reasons behind the growth of co-working office space is the current financial crisis.  The tough economic times of today make it very difficult for start-up companies to rent conventional office space given the high price of rents.  In response to this, co-working spaces have become the only option for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs to grow their business.

The UK is experiencing a massive growth of co-working office spaces all over the country, having spaces in all the biggest cities such as Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and of course London which is, amongst the biggest European cities, the leading co-working city not only for the number of co-working office spaces but also for the variety of spaces it offers.

London has many co-working spaces all around the city including the West End, City, Soho, North and East London, and they offer a wide range of services in order to respond to different needs.

Apart from the basic service offered, a simple desk, there are other different services such as storage, meeting rooms, flexible contracts, café and bar facilities, mailing addresses, free library, stationary and some of them have also gyms.

The idea of co-working spaces is to help start-ups growing but also to bring people together instead of working from home and create an actual community of professionals that share ideas and knowledge.  Small businesses can now enjoy all the facilities of an office without having one.

One of the biggest and coolest co-working office spaces has opened in London and it is the Google Campus, seven floors of office spaces created for start-ups and freelancers, right in the heart of the Tech City in East London. It offers a wide range of services, in a cool environment with modern digital features such as a garden with plants that tweets their water requirements.

The growth of co-working spaces is boosted by the increasing number of online start-ups and freelancers that requires office spaces and services to help the growth of their businesses without having to pay massive rents and all the other costs for setting up an office.