The supermarkets have started playing their festive music mixes, the John Lewis ad has hit our TV screens and Christmas lights will soon be turned on across the UK – December is well and truly here. It can be a quiet month for businesses, as everyone wraps up and winds down, leaving the big decisions for the new year, but it’s actually one of the best times of the year to rent an office.

Here's why:

1. Many landlords are offering December rent free

The end of the year tends to be quiet for the commercial property industry, with most businesses waiting until January to renew or change their office contracts. That means that for those willing to make a move early, many landlords are often prepared to offer the month of December rent-free as an enticement to move.

2. Better value office deals

In addition to the potential rent-free month there is also the potential to secure a good deal for the rent that you pay in the following year if you sign in December. Too many companies put off important decisions such as securing an office in the Christmas period, which leaves the window open for you to take full advantage of the situation.

Office in December

3. There’s often more choice in December

January is one of the busiest months for the office rental industry. However, that often means that unless you move quickly your desired property might be snapped up before you can secure it. Renting in December skips the queue and often means there is a greater range of potential premises on the market.

4. There’s time to settle in and make the necessary changes before the New Year

That December is often a relatively peaceful period for many companies makes it, perhaps counter-intuitively, one of the best times to move office. By moving office at the end of the year you ensure that if anything goes wrong, it will cause minimal disruption to the business (as everybody’s winding down anyway) and means everything will be firmly in place when staff return in January.

5. Worry-free turkey  

Renting an office won’t save you from the stress of getting the turkey thawed on time or buying the wrong gift for someone, but at least it's one less thing to think about over the holidays.