Landsec has launched its new flexible office brand, Myo, which will allow clients to personalise their office space to suit the needs of the business. The brand will offer leases from 12 months to three years for businesses that need space for 15 to 80 people.

Myo is launching at 123 Victoria Street in Westminster, offering 36,000 sq ft of flexible workspace. The first customers are expected to take up space in April.

Myo customers can choose between three fit-out styles; natural, boutique or urban.  The natural option offers a minimalistic space inspired by nature to create a fresh and calm workspace; the boutique alternative offers a sophisticated and dark palette creating a focused work environment; while the urban choice offers a colourful and creative design to inspire collaboration. 

Oli Knight, Head of Myo said “We selected our architectural design partners very carefully: SODA as lead designers for their excellent ability to integrate premium lifestyle design and ThirdWay Architecture for their track record of crafting functional, yet beautiful customised workspaces.” 

Like with a typical serviced office, Myo will feature a professional front of house team to assist with the day to day running of the business centre. Companies will have access to break out areas, event space and tech-enabled meeting rooms that can be rearranged to provide a variety of formal and informal settings.  The break out areas will feature comfortable armchairs, sofas with coffee tables and private and open booths offering a variety of seating for more informal meetings. Thoughtful planting throughout lends the space an organic feel.

Colette O’Shea, Managing Director, London at Landsec said “After speaking to a wide range of businesses, we know that, from the small companies outgrowing their start-up space to the more established businesses looking to expand from their HQ, flexibility, convenience and a home to call their own is essential for them to achieve their goals.

“We also know how important brand identity is in today’s business landscape. Myo’s adaptable office designs will enable our customers to put their brands front and centre and help them stand out in their own crowded markets.”