East and West London present different types of office space. One, with its cost-effective offices, is filled with culturally thriving areas, while the other, with its more expensive high-end facilities, is known for its prestige.

This article will compare East vs West London for pricing, networking opportunities, and amenities offered to help organisations understand which location best suits them.


Historical Context

Historically known as an industrial and working-class area, East London has had significant transformations over the past years, forming diverse and vibrant communities.

With newly furnished offices being developed from old warehouses over recent decades, areas like Shoreditch and Hackney have become popular with creative industries and tech start-ups. One of the most popular tech hubs in East London is "Silicon Roundabout" found near Old Street.

In comparison, West London is filled with grand architecture and has always been more affluent, with large businesses being established there.

Various financial institutions and luxury offices are now found in areas like Kensington and Chelsea. The higher cost of living in these locations has resulted in prestigious connotations for businesses based here.


Popular Areas for Office Space in East London

Whitechapel – We have found Whitechapel to be popular with tech startups because it offers workspace near the Silicon Roundabout. The creative and healthcare industries have also benefitted from the proximity of offices to the Whitechapel Gallery and the Royal London Hospital.

Hackney – Creative organisations, such as media production companies and design studios, have chosen to be based in Hackney because of the many trendy workspaces on offer. Additionally, recreational spaces like Victoria Park and Broadway Market can be found nearby.

Spitalfields – Found next to Liverpool Street, offices in Spitalfields share many of the same amenities. Many consulting firms and financial organisations rent workspace here as it is close to the City of London’s financial district.


Popular Areas for Office Space West London

Hammersmith – Hammersmith is filled with media and multinational businesses wanting to be near other similar organisations. Excellent local amenities include the Hammersmith Apollo.

Notting Hill – Many media production and creative organisations have benefitted from the vibrant and trendy atmosphere in Notting Hill. Employees working in offices here enjoy being close to Portobello Road Market.

Richmond – As an area well known for its River settings and green spaces, Richmond offers workspaces with a scenic environment that focuses on work-life balance. Many consulting and professional services have popularised the area. 


Differences between Office Buildings in East vs West

East London

• Converted Warehouses:

Numerous offices have been developed from converted warehouses with buildings retaining unique features like exposed brickwork, high ceilings, and other industrial aspects. Many of these workspaces provide businesses with a trendy, character-filled environment in which to work.

• Mixed-Use Properties:

Office spaces in various East London areas, such as the Docklands and Stratford have started combining commercial, residential, and retail workspaces within a single complex. 

Having various offices and residential areas near one another is becoming popular as employees no longer need to commute to work, allowing them to maintain a great work-life balance.

• Modern Offices:

Both Canary Wharf and Stratford have experienced the regeneration of modern office complexes, with newer eco-friendly features integrated. 

These complexes also offer serviced workspaces and are suitable for a wide range of organisations as they offer flexible open-plan and collaborative areas.

West London

• Historical Workspaces:

Many historical developments in areas like Kensington have been transformed into modern-day offices. These workspaces are elegant and showcase Victorian and Georgian-era buildings, which are popular with luxury brands and law firms.

• Boutique Offices

Knightsbridge and Chelsea are known for their smaller workspaces offering a prestigious environment with exclusive amenities and unique interiors. Businesses like private equity and consulting firms have popularised these smaller offices.

• High-Rise Office Towers

Many tall offices can be found in places like Paddington, providing an excellent view of the surrounding city. 

These workspaces are designed to accommodate larger organisations, making them suitable for multinational companies. East London also has similar offices in areas like Canary Wharf, but they offer more contemporary styles rather than traditional designs.

Price Comparisons

One of the most well-known benefits of basing a business in East London is the affordability. The average serviced desk price per month in areas such as Shoreditch is around £568. The relatively lower prices make it an attractive option for SMEs and startups with limited budgets.

With ongoing infrastructural and transportation developments, such as the Elizabeth Line, the value of East London’s offices is increasing.

Clifton St, Shoreditch

As opposed to East LondonWest London is pricier when it comes to renting office space. Areas like Knightsbridge and St James’s average £766 and £831 per desk. 

However, businesses tend to find that basing in West London boasts networking opportunities and prestige they cannot overlook, justifying higher desk prices. 

These costs are indicative of how sought-after West London is, with businesses here being near major financial organisations and having access to luxuriously furnished office spaces.

Hans Rd, Knightsbridge

On-Site Amenities and Services

Many modern amenities have been integrated into East London offices, including communal spaces and flexible work areas designed for collaboration.

Various facilities in East London offices provide creative amenities like event spaces, podcast rooms, and photography studios, boosting the area’s popularity with artistic organisations and tech startups. 

Workspaces here have been developed through the repurposing of old buildings, offering energy-efficient systems. They also promote sustainable commuting by having sufficient bike storage facilities for workers who want to cycle to work.

Offices in West London are great for businesses wanting to access luxury concierge services and other premium services to impress clients during consultations and events.

A key selling point for businesses based in West London is that many of the serviced office spaces have on-site wellness facilities, such as meditation rooms and gyms.

These facilities improve employee satisfaction by boosting physical and mental well-being.

Renting highly priced offices has its own additional benefits. For example, companies can access modern, up-to-date technology, ranging from smart building features to advanced security systems, and are excellent in supporting business operations. 

Organisations here experiment with business intelligence tools like Power BI as the advanced levels of security reduce the risks of data leaks and other technological concerns.


Local Amenities

East London

Famous for its extensive range of cultural spots, restaurants, and bars, East London is filled with various vibrant food and drink options. Employees working in offices in Brick Lane and other similar areas have access to numerous music venues and art galleries for after-work activities.

Many green spaces are open to the public in areas like Hackney and Tower Hamlets, allowing employees to unwind during lunch breaks. Similarly, yoga studios and fitness centres are also prevalent throughout East London, maximising the work-life balance of employees working in offices nearby.

West London

West London also boasts stunning gardens and parks, some of which include Holland Park and Hyde Park. Employees working nearby can enjoy pleasant walks after work if they wish.

Moreover, areas like Hammersmith have a large amount of excellent dining, entertainment, and shopping opportunities. For example, the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre offers a variety of plays and musicals.


Community and Networking Opportunities

East London

East London has a strongly collaborative community and is filled with a multitude of startups renting office space there. This is especially true in areas like Shoreditch and Old Street, where ideas and resources are freely exchanged between businesses.

Regular workshops and networking events are held near business centres here, fostering a community of designers and tech innovators looking to work with like-minded professionals. Organisations from relatively all sectors can be found here.

Locations like Stratford and Brick Lane are highly diverse, offering new ideas and perspectives for businesses looking to tap into their market and customer bases. Renting offices in varied areas such as these is highly beneficial to understanding your customers' requirements and needs.

West London

Companies wanting to rent offices in a corporate location are attracted to the many established businesses based in West London, such as hedge funds and law firms. 

The proximity of well-known, successful organisations indicates a presence of networking opportunities, particularly in areas such as law, media, and finance. Having access to such an extensive network means that organisations renting offices here grow and develop successfully. 

Additionally, many exclusive conferences and gala dinners take place in West London, providing businesses with a platform to showcase their brand and connect with industry leaders.


Nearby Transportation

Both East and West London are highly accessible by all forms of transportation. From the underground to bus routes, clients and employees needn’t worry about commutes. 

You may want to consider the areas in which employees live to ensure that commute times are as low as possible.

Major East London Transport Links

With the introduction of the Elizabeth Line and the expansion of the London Overground, East London has significant transport infrastructure connecting residents and workers from around the city. 

Some of the major transport links include Stratford International and Liverpool Street which connect both international and domestic travellers and offer excellent accessibility.

Major West London Transport Links

West London also has its fair share of transport connections, one of the well-known ones being Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express and National Rail services provide a route to Heathrow Airport in addition to Wales and West England, respectively.

Organisations looking to do business with international clients may want to consider locating near a major link like this for convenience. Not only does this benefit businesses, but it's also great for improving clients' first impressions when travelling into a new city as it reduces travel stress.


The Outlook to London’s Offices

East London’s Future

East London is expected to continue growing and repurposing older buildings into newly furnished office spaces. With further technological improvements to creative spaces, the appeal to startups and artistic organisations will increase.

More of these office spaces will likely integrate green technologies and renewable energy sources such as solar panels as the shift to a more sustainable future continues.

Excellent examples of projects transforming industrial zones into eco-friendly commercial and residential areas include Stratford and the Docklands, where mixed-use properties have combined leisure facilities with retail and residential areas.

West London Predictions

Blending both historical features with more relevant and modern technology, White City is a prime example of the ongoing trend towards renovating historical buildings into newer office space.

We predict that West London offices will continue developing with premium spaces catering to organisations wanting a prestigious association with their brand. 

As AI becomes more prevalent in the workspace, serviced office providers in West London will likely be the first to start incorporating these advanced technologies into their amenities.


Both East and West London office spaces offer their own unique benefits to businesses. East London offers an affordable option for SMEs and startups with a vibrant cultural dynamic, ideal for tech and creative organisations. 

Contrastingly, West London demands higher desk prices for the luxury of a more prestigious environment near other well-established finance and law institutions. 

When deciding between the two, both areas provide employees with access to excellent local or on-site amenities and green spaces, so the decision relies on your industry focus, business needs, and budget.