Recently submitted plans by Gort Scott to extend the tube station at Covent Garden been given the go-ahead. The plans to extend the Grade II listed building rooftop were put to Westminster councillors and today have been accepted. The plans include extending to add an extra storey to part of the station (above the ticket hall and entrance) to create new office spaces, as well as a rejuvenation of the offices already in existence.

The extension has been designed in conjunction with Elliot Wood, a firm of well-established civil and structural engineers. They were in charge of looking at the prospect of an additional floor being added to the 1094 building and what impact this would have on the current building.

Designs by Gort Scott Architects


The Extension

Nicola Ibbotson, one of the architects from Gort Scott, spoke of the project and how they were looking to tie together the look of the whole station. They intend to renovate the whole building while keeping in style with the original tube station design. The idea behind this is to improve the look of the whole station, which in turn will revitalise this area of Covent Garden – which is well known to be one of the busiest parts of Central London and so no doubt will welcome a fresh look.

After much deliberation, it was decided that they would use Faience panel cladding for the extension so that it would fit in with the rest of the tube station building as well as the other buildings on Long Acre. Whilst the extensive roof extension work is carried out, they are also going to work on improving the look of the existing tube station. This will include replacing the windows on the first and ground floor with oiled timber windows that match the original tube station design.

There will also be internal work carried out to allow access to this new extended office space. Some of this will be extensive – for example, realigning the lower floor to street level. They will also be looking to install a lift, to help the property to become completely accessible.