London is home to some of the most costly and prestigious office spaces in the world. Companies looking for a base here will often pay a higher price to rent office space in an area where luxury and connectivity meet.

We’ve developed our very own office rental pricing tool which helps you to find the average price of a serviced office in various areas in London and the UK.

Using our data, we will explore the top ten most expensive areas to rent a serviced office in London and highlight what makes each area unique.

1. Mayfair

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £1070

Synonymous with prestige and exclusivity, Mayfair is nestled in the heart of the West End in London. Georgian townhouses and high-end boutiques can be found lining the streets alongside Michelin-starred eateries. The area’s traditional charm, blended with modern business facilities, make it a top choice for law and finance firms looking to rent luxury office space.

2. Soho

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £933

With a history of buzzing nightlife, Soho is now a bustling creative and media hub. It combines the old and new with listed buildings housing cutting-edge enterprises. Companies renting office space in Soho will be surrounded by London’s media, technology, and entertainment sectors.

3. Victoria

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £867

Currently undergoing a major redevelopment, Victoria is slowly emerging as a much sought-after business location. The area is well-connected to the rest of the UK via rail and road.

Modern amenities, coupled with the proximity to government offices in Westminster, make Victoria the ideal location for companies in the consultancy, legal and political sectors.

4. Marble Arch

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £849

Marble Arch offers the perfect blend of tourist and commercial appeal. The impressive business centres in the area boast picturesque views of Hyde Park providing a desirable location for businesses wanting to mix the city streets with the tranquillity of green spaces.

Its proximity to Oxford Street offers a desirable location for fashion companies.

5. Piccadilly

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £845

Famous for being a tourist hotspot, Piccadilly also offers prime office spaces in historic buildings. Being close to major entertainment venues and shopping districts, provides a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of London. Businesses in media, advertising and finance often rent office space here.

6. Monument

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £777

Named after the Great Fire of London memorial, Monument offers a blend of history and modernity. This area is often favoured by insurance and finance firms. Many of the skyscrapers in Monument offer views of the City and the River Thames.

7. Knightsbridge

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £766

Renowned for its upscale shopping and magnificent properties, Knightsbridge offices are among the most prestigious in London. They are often rented by high-end businesses, luxury brands and private wealth management companies. 

The area is a coveted location for businesses with an elite clientele.

8. Oxford Circus

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £763

Not just a retail hub, Oxford Circus is the perfect location for businesses that require foot traffic and high visibility. Office spaces here are often found in grand, historic buildings which have been fully refurbished to offer contemporary facilities. 

Retail and marketing companies are the most popular businesses in the area.

9. St James’s

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £740

Known for its members clubs and art galleries, St James’s offers a distinguished working environment. Properties in the area feature elegant architecture and refined interiors that appeal to law firms and finance companies. 

The wealth of green spaces provides a scenic backdrop to this prestigious area.

10. Cannon Street

Average Private Office Desk Rate: £735

One of the key financial districts in London, Cannon Street is home to many banks and the London Stock Exchange, making it the ideal location for investment and finance firms. Ranging from grand, period buildings to contemporary business centres, office space here provides a variety of choices.

Our top ten has shown how diverse office space in London can be and how it caters to a wide range of business needs. The location a business chooses will depend on the industry and company culture. The cost of office space is the highest in the UK however the prestige, opportunities, and connectivity of these areas, often justify the cost.