This is our second start-up feature, and once again, we’ve received a number of entries from some really good start-ups. Here are the five we’ve chosen this month:

Just Park

Parking can be a stressful experience for all involved, but the Just Park booking service can make the process a little bit easier and cheaper for people. The service allows drivers to pay for parking in advance, and with thousands of private spaces up and down the country, it works out to 60% cheaper than on street parking. It also allows people to make money from renting out their private parking space to drivers. 


Testbirds are a London based software testing solutions company that uses crowdsourcing and cloud technology. They have recently come up with a new approach to software testing. Named Testing 4.0, it combines crowdsourcing and cloud technology on a single platform to deliver a more comprehensive and tailor made testing experience for clients. They have promised that Testing 4.0 will take the quality of digital products to the next level. Sounds exciting. Software crashing can cause a huge headache, so we welcome any company who promises to improve this.

Nightingale Jewellers

York based jewellers Nightingale have a unique selling point. They sell lab-grown diamonds alongside the traditional ones. Lab-grown diamonds offer better value for money, are more flawless than traditional diamonds and the biggest factor – there is no risk of buying a diamond from a conflict area if it’s grown in a laboratory. Customers can buy ready-made designs or visit their shop in York to have their own designs made.

Club App

Launched in late 2015, Club App is a live football scoring platform for teams of all sizes. It’s easy to follow the big teams like Manchester United and Arsenal, but Club App allows you to follow your local pub teams as well. There will also soon be a club shop that will bring in extra needed revenue for non-league football teams.


Cornerstone is a subscription service that regularly delivers new shaving products to subscribers. With excellent reviews, thousands of subscribers and a couple of awards already in the bag, Cornerstone is set to revolutionise the way men buy their shaving products. They also offer to engrave your initials into the shaver with your first order!