Moving office is a big decision for any company as it involves planning, investment and a new working environment, but it also comes with substantial benefits. In this article, we will explore the benefits that many companies find when they move office.

1. Reducing Costs

One of the main reasons that companies relocate is to reduce costs. Sometimes companies find that they are spending excessively on their current office either due to high rent costs, unused amenities or renting more space than they need. Relocating to a smaller office (often a serviced office) or a more affordable area can significantly reduce the amount of spending.

2. Better Suited Location

Location is key for any organisation. Moving to a different area can offer several benefits such as access to target markets, being closer to key partners or offering an easier commute for employees. Renting an office in a building with a range of companies can also enhance brand awareness.

3. Better Facilities and Infrastructure

Modern offices (especially serviced office spaces) provide advanced technology, more reliable connectivity, and a wealth of onsite amenities. These environments boost productivity and help in attracting and retaining talent. Offices that encourage collaboration and provide ergonomic furnishings have been shown to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency. 

4. Space To Grow Into

As businesses grow, it is common to expand the office space they are renting. However, with the rise of hybrid working, the needs of organisations are changing. Some larger companies are adopting remote working and downsizing their current office whilst other companies require different types of workspaces such as meeting rooms or coworking lounges. Moving offices can allow companies to reassess how much space they need.

5. Boosting Brand Image

The location and look of an office can leave a lasting impression on clients, investors, and potential employees. Offices located in prestigious postcodes or in grand buildings can elevate a company’s image. This is key for businesses that rely on regular face-to-face client meetings.

6. Increase Productivity

Relocations can often act as a catalyst for organisational change. By disrupting the status quo, employees can be encouraged to adapt to new ways of working and embrace new challenges. This can prove to be invaluable when trying to revive outdated working practices and employee complacency. A new office can give a fresh feel and thus boost productivity.

7. Complying With Health and Safety

Many older buildings may require extensive refurbishment to adhere to health and safety regulations. This would involve months (sometimes years) of disruption whilst works are being carried out. Modern buildings are built to higher specifications and will provide a safe workspace crucial to employee wellbeing.

8. Improving Environmental Status

It is becoming more common for office spaces to be designed with sustainability in mind. Companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint would benefit from moving to a B Corp serviced office with energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly practices. This will further enhance the company’s reputation, especially with stakeholders who are environmentally conscious.

Moving offices can be a great strategic move which can offer financial savings, improved employee satisfaction and a stronger brand image. It will always require good planning and a balanced approach, but the benefits will be worth the effort.