Despite their rise in popularity, many myths surround serviced office space (also known as business centres). When considering their next workspace, these misconceptions can often be off-putting for some companies. We will debunk the most common myths we’ve heard about serviced offices.

1. They are expensive.

Pricing can seem high initially. However, serviced offices are a plug-and-play solution, meaning they come equipped with furniture, internet, and a team running the centre.

The pricing also includes rent, business rates, utilities, and use of on-site amenities. Therefore, serviced offices can provide a cost-effective solution when considering the money saved on furniture, gas, and electricity and hiring a reception and maintenance team.

2. They are just for tech companies.

Serviced offices cater to businesses of all kinds, from prestigious law firms to creative design companies. At FreeOfficeFinder, we have found serviced office space for various organisations.

The facilities within the business centres are designed to adapt to the needs of any company, whether providing a professional meeting room for a barrister to host a client or an event space for a design company to host a product launch.

3. They are only in major cities.

We list serviced office space across London and the UK. We’ve found that as they are gaining popularity, serviced offices are now everywhere, from bustling cities to rural areas, offering businesses a wide choice of locations.

4. They can’t be customised.

Many serviced office providers allow businesses to customise the layout and branding of their office space. Furniture can be moved, and the space can be decorated to reflect a company’s culture.

5. They only offer long-term contracts.

A key feature of a business centre is that they offer flexible terms. The contracts can start at three months and go up to 3 years, which prevents businesses from being tied into lengthy contracts.

6. They’re only for small businesses or start-ups.

Serviced offices offer flexibility and cost savings, benefiting startups; however, established businesses often use them as satellite offices or during transition periods.

Governments and large corporations often use serviced offices so they can expand their space as needed.

7. They feel like a coworking space.

While many business centres do offer coworking desks, private serviced offices are just that: private. They provide a dedicated space for companies to work in total privacy with access to shared amenities.

8. They aren’t secure.

Various security measures, from CCTV to security personnel and secure key-card entry, are found throughout the business centres. These centres often have a receptionist as the first port of call for visitors and guests.

9. Hidden costs.

There should never be any hidden costs with a serviced office. The monthly price includes rent, service charges and utilities. Sometimes, meeting room usage is also included. The office provider will always communicate any additional charges.

We recommend asking lots of questions and reading the contract thoroughly before signing it to ensure no surprises.

10. They lack community.

Serviced offices offer the ideal environment for networking, as they provide access to communal areas. These random networking opportunities can often turn into fruitful business relationships.

Certain serviced office providers also host networking and social events for companies renting space there. This is a fantastic chance to meet fellow businesses in a relaxed environment.

11. Only basic technology is offered.

Serviced offices provide state-of-the-art technology, from high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, and telephone systems to smart features and security systems. To stay competitive, providers will always offer a strong IT infrastructure and support with any IT issues.

12. They lack privacy.

All serviced offices are private and lockable. Despite offering communal areas and shared facilities, privacy is paramount in a serviced office building.

13. The internet is unreliable.

Internet speeds must be prioritised in an age where connectivity is crucial. Many serviced office providers will install backup lines to ensure internet reliability.

14. They’re hard to find.

The serviced office industry's growth now means they are easier to find. The easiest way to find suitable offices in a specific area is to use an office space broker.

15. They only offer limited services.

Serviced offices provide an on-site administrative team that offers additional services such as postal collection, call answering, concierge, and IT support. This allows businesses to focus solely on their operations.

16. They’re all the same.

With the wide range of available serviced offices, there is an office to suit everyone. From funky, creative workspaces to luxury offices in grand, period buildings, serviced offices can differ significantly.

Business centres can also vary in terms of onsite amenities. Depending on the building, these amenities can include games rooms, on-site cafés, and gyms.

17. They’re a short-term solution.

Because serviced offices provide flexibility and scalability, they are ideal for companies looking for a long-term solution. Small companies looking to expand can upsize their space, whilst larger companies may downsize if needed.

Serviced office providers may often offer a discounted rate for companies renewing their contracts.

18. Lack of Ownership/Personalisation

Serviced office providers will allow companies to use the space as they wish, according to the contract. The office will remain private and only be accessed by cleaners and maintenance as necessary.

The teams that run the business centres are highly experienced and will always offer a friendly and professional service tailored to each company's requirements.

19. They only have one location.

Many providers we work with have various local and national buildings. Some providers even have international locations, which could be ideal for companies looking for a global base.

20. There’s no room for storage.

Whether it’s lockable cabinets or entire rooms, there are various storage options when renting a serviced office. Some providers will even offer dedicated secure spaces for private documents.

We have debunked many myths about renting flexible workspace. Serviced offices offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses looking for a base. Hopefully, after reading our article, companies will make an informed choice about their new office.