Choosing the best location for your next relocation is crucial for any business renting serviced office space in London or the UK. Location influences company operations, client interactions, and employee satisfaction. 

In this article, based on our personal experience of dealing with office moves, we will provide tips on selecting the best area for your business. 

To start, here is a brief insight to give you an idea of where to start your office search.


The Diverse Districts of London

The range of office space offered in London for rent is very diverse. The City Of London and Canary Wharf are popular with the finance sector. Businesses looking for high-rise buildings and river-side office spaces will find the latter ideal.


East London has many tech companies and creatives renting office space, whereas Mid-town areas like Holborn are popular with law firms.

Other UK Business Hubs

Serviced offices are also prevalent outside of London. Cities like Brighton and Manchester offer similar buildings and terms for office space, blending accessibility and amenities, and they are often cheaper than London offices.


Once you have an idea of the area you would like to base your business in, to narrow it down, we recommend considering the following:

1. Transportation and Accessibility

One of the most important considerations is accessibility for your clients and employees. Proximity to major transport hubs such as stations, buses, and motorways is key. Serviced offices in Euston (London)Liverpool City Centre or Birmingham are particularly popular for this reason.

London has one of the best public transport systems in the UK, so finding a suitable location near an underground station can be easy. However, access to motorways and on-site parking can be more challenging. Whatever your requirements, our website makes it easy to locate your ideal office space.


2. Opportunities for Networking

Your office's location can provide ample networking opportunities if you are close to industry peers or clients. Industry-specific hubs are gaining popularity and offer easy access to potential clients or collaborators. 

A prime example is Tech City/Silicon Roundabout in Old Street, London. We have received many enquiries from tech companies and start-ups looking for office space in this area because they want to be surrounded by like-minded businesses.

3. Local Amenities

Whilst some serviced offices provide onsite amenities such as cafés and gyms, offering a range of local amenities is helpful so employees can choose. Shops and restaurants can enhance employees’ work-life balance, providing opportunities for socialising after work.


With a renewed focus on employee wellbeing, business centres near green spaces are also gaining popularity. Spending time in nature has been proven to improve mood whilst also giving employees time away from screens.


4. Brand Image

Where your office is located can reflect on the image of your brand. A prestigious postcode in London or other major UK cities can boost your company’s image. It is important to consider the impression the location will make on clients and potential business partners.

Renting office space on a bustling high street can provide a physical presence for companies dependent on foot traffic.

5. Budget

A prestigious location will come with a higher monthly cost. For example, office space in Mayfair is the most expensive in London compared to areas such as Vauxhall or Waterloo. It is essential to consider your monthly budget when looking for a new office location.

To make this easier, FreeOfficeFinder has created a pricing tool showing the average private office desk rate in many locations across London and the UK. We update our tool quarterly to ensure the pricing is accurate.

Serviced offices offer great flexibility regarding the sizes available and the contract length. Should your finances change, you can downsize your office space within the same building.

6. Future-Proof Your Office

When looking for a new serviced office location, consider how it will accommodate future business growth. If you need to upsize, staying within the same building will prevent another complicated office move.

Serviced office providers may also offer discounts for companies renewing their contracts, so finding the best location for your business long-term is essential.

Careful consideration should be taken when moving to a new location. Accessibility, local amenities, and budget should never be overlooked. These factors, as well as future growth, will ensure that a business can thrive.