Renting serviced office space in London and other parts of the UK can be a game-changer for businesses. They offer a range of ways to boost productivity whilst providing flexibility. 

This article will delve into our top 15 ways to improve productivity in your workspace whilst renting a serviced office.

1. Optimise your Office Layout

The layout of your workspace has a direct impact on productivity. Most of the serviced office providers we market offer the flexibility to choose the best layout for your team. Open spaces encourage brainstorming and collaboration, while private areas are ideal for tasks that require concentration.

2. Boost Natural Lighting

Natural light is known to boost mood and energy levels, enhancing productivity. When designing an office layout, we recommend positioning workspaces near windows to maximise exposure to daylight. Alternatively, use areas with good natural light for tasks which require focus.

Full-spectrum lightbulbs could be a great option during winter as they mimic natural sunlight.

3. Personalisation of Workspaces

Allowing employees to personalise their workstations creates a sense of ownership and can boost morale. Items proven to increase productivity include desktop whiteboards, sticky notes, and even hourglass timers for tracking time spent on tasks.

4. Ergonomic Furniture

Comfort in the workplace is paramount to enhancing productivity. Serviced offices are often furnished with ergonomic furniture to support employees' physical health. 

We have found an increase in the use of adjustable desks, which offer employees the choice of sitting or standing while they work. Ergonomic furniture, in general, can improve comfort and reduce physical strain in the long term, reducing work-related injuries.

5. Location

The location of your office can be vital in boosting productivity. Office space with excellent transport links (like Central London) will reduce employee commute times and unnecessary stress. 

Access to a range of local amenities, such as shops or restaurants, can improve productivity and encourage a good work-life balance.

6. Utilise High-Quality Infrastructure

All serviced offices provide high-speed internet, but we have noticed some providers offering advanced smart features and professional-grade printers. Making the most of these features can help to boost productivity by minimising downtime.

7. Embrace Remote Technology

Serviced offices often provide meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment and wireless presentation systems, allowing teams to connect in person and remotely. Shared calendars are also crucial to ensure teams know key dates and events.

8. Reduce Distractions

Serviced offices are private offices designed to minimise external noise. However, they can only control a certain amount of noise. If you rent office space on a busy street, we recommend an office towards the back of the building or on a higher floor. This will help to create a focused workplace.

9. Introduce Greenery

Whether through plants, on-site gardens, or nearby parks, introducing greenery to the workday improves mood and productivity. Serviced office providers sometimes have gardens or outdoor spaces; a few we market offer rooftop terraces.

Plants in the workspace can help improve the air quality whilst looking great and creating a calmer atmosphere.

10. Flexible Working Areas

Offering different working areas for specific tasks allows employees to choose the best environment for their needs. Serviced offices provide quiet zones, phone booths, and lounges, ideal for different working styles.

Having a dedicated meeting room within the office is also an option to allow employees regular access to a quiet, private space for discussions or focused tasks.

11. Encourage Breaks Throughout the Day

Recovery is an important way to improve productivity. Employees can be more productive when they are given time to relax and recharge. 

Many serviced offices even offer gyms and regular wellness classes, so it is worth checking out what your provider offers and encouraging your team to join.

12. Maintaining a Clean Workspace

Clean environments are productive environments. Serviced offices take care of all the cleaning and maintenance of the offices; however, there are things you can do daily to keep your office space hygienic. This will allow employees to focus solely on their work.

A clutter-free office space not only looks good but improves clarity and concentration.

13. Security For Peace of Mind

Serviced offices are lockable and secure, and some business centres offer CCTV and sometimes on-site security. This added peace of mind can help productivity and enhance employees’ focus.

14. Community Events

Some serviced office providers host regular networking and social events onsite for members. These events are a fantastic way to meet other businesses renting office space in the building and can provide invaluable opportunities for collaboration and enhancing productivity.

15. Feedback

Feedback from your team is crucial. Serviced offices are known for their flexibility, and giving the provider feedback on your workspace can help optimise the environment and boost productivity.

Considering the above factors will undoubtedly improve productivity within your serviced office, creating an efficient and enjoyable work environment. It can also help improve employee satisfaction and retention.