Moving office can take up to 2 months, depending on the type of workspace you are looking for. However, with serviced offices which are a plug-and-play solution, many companies we have worked with have been able to move into an office within a week.

Whether you’re looking for a new office in London or other UK cities, relocating can be overwhelming for any organisation. This article will help you understand how long each moving stage can take and how a serviced office provider can make the move easier.

Two Months Before Moving

Stage One: Auditing

Before you think about any heavy lifting, it’s essential to audit the current workspace and create a detailed plan. You should evaluate the setup and identify what, if any, changes need to be made in the new office.

Consider the layout of your current office and whether it works for your business. Will your new workspace need to have private areas or dedicated meeting rooms?

At this stage, we have found it helpful to gather employee feedback on factors such as proposed locations and on-site amenities to ensure the new office is accessible and meets your team's needs.

We advise doing this before you start the search, as it is easier to have a list of essential requirements when looking for your new space. 


Six to Eight Weeks Before Moving

Stage Two: Searching for Office Space

The next stage is finding the right space. This task can be daunting with many options, especially in the flexible workspace industry. There are three types of serviced offices that you will need to consider:

Private Serviced Offices – These are secure and lockable workspaces with shared amenities such as breakout space and meeting rooms within the building.

Private Managed Offices – These are self-contained with dedicated facilities within the workspace. They can be individual offices or entire floors.

Shared Office Space/Coworking – This option provides either a dedicated desk or a “hot desk” within a shared office.

Using an office space broker will make the search more straightforward. A broker will listen to your requirements and help you shortlist your best options based on your preferred location and budget.


Four to Six Weeks Before Moving

Stage Three: Viewing Office Space

Once you know what you need from your new office and have a shortlist, your broker can set up viewings for you. This will help you to get a feel for the spaces and an idea of what it will be like to work in the centre.

During viewings, we suggest asking as many questions as possible about the office, facilities, and centre's opening hours.


Two to Four Weeks Before Moving

Stage Four: Negotiations and Legal Processes

Having a broker help with your search also means that they can negotiate the best deal for you. Serviced offices have a quicker negotiation period than leased space as their pricing is all-inclusive, so it is easier to see how much you will pay monthly and compare providers.

We recommend checking the notice period of your current contract and the start date of your new contract to ensure you won’t be left without a workspace. It may be worth getting your solicitor to double-check the agreement details before you sign.


One to Two Weeks Before Moving

Stage Five: The Fit-Out

Another benefit of a serviced office is that they are usually fully furnished and internet-ready, preventing long waiting periods for fit-outs. Even managed offices with bespoke layouts are generally ready to move into in a few weeks.

In a leased space/traditional office, a fit-out can take up to four months, depending on the required layout.


Moving into Your New Office

Depending on the size of your team, moving into the office can take anything from a day to a week. We have compiled a comprehensive moving checklist to help you with everything from organising floor plans to creating inventory lists.

Moving offices can be a timely operation, but detailed planning and preparation will help streamline the process. Ensure you know what you need from your new workspace in terms of location and budget, and set aside time to check over your contracts.

At FreeOfficeFinder we can discuss your requirements over the phone and provide you with a list of suitable office spaces to view. We will also negotiate on your behalf, and you can be in your new office in no time.